Weeks of Bells Palsy

First Day of Bell's Palsy:

Friday afternoon.

We're swimming at the pool with friends, and no one in the world knows that I already had a Bell's Palsy... not even myself.

Then suddenly, one of my friend asked me secretly on why I always blink (with one eye) on everyone, especially the ladies, am I hitting one of the them? :) I answered back, nope! I'm just trying to close my eyes because my right eye hurts, maybe pool water got inside.

After a few minutes, and it hurts more every time I'll try to swim or go deep. So, I'll get out of the pool and goes directly to the rest room where I can check my eye in from of the mirror. Sh*t! my right eye is too red like a blood, and I can't even blink nor close my right eye (the affected area).

Thinking that's probably it's only the water on the pool which has lots chlorine that cause the eye irritation. Moreover it's already night, so I'll say to myself that maybe it only needs rest, and first thing tomorrow I'll drop at the clinic and let the doctor check on what happen on my right eye.

Second Day of Bell's Palsy:

Saturday morning. 
I'd woke up early and preparing myself for a clinic check-up. Then calling a taxi company, but the guy on the line told me that there's no vacant at that moment and also ask me if I am willing to wait for about half an hour, no-way.

So I go out from my flat and waited for a couple of minutes before a taxi show-up. I then ask the taxi driver if he can drop me at Keifan Clinic.

At the clinic, I immediately went to the reception area and ask the lady there if on what department should I go for a check-up (I remove my sunglass and show her the affected eye and also told her that my right ear is also affected). After knowing about my ear infection, she pointed the direction where the Otolaryngology or ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) department is located.

I took a number, then wait for my turn. There are more than a dozen people already waited there.

After an hour, yeah, that's how it takes, the screen flashes my number informing me that it's my turn. I walk a few meters then enter on the vacant room where the two physicians are waiting. They checked my eyes, ears, nose and throat, and also ask a few questions. Then give me a description, but before I went out, the other physician told me if I can go to a dentist for a gum check-up.

As I leave the Otolaryngology department, I saw the sign on the other room that says Dentistry Department, so thinking of hitting two birds with one stone, I immediately enter the room and ask the person inside if the dentist is in. The lady then ask about my civil ID, so I handed her my identification card. However after reading the address on the back(it is written in Arabic), she told me that I didn't belong to their jurisdiction, instead she gave me a direction of a hospital where they can check my teeth and gums.

To make it short, I will travel again to the other hospital.

Time checked, 11:30am.

Before I totally forget, I must go to the pharmacy and get the medicine that the physician told me(written on the description). So I went to the area where the vending machine is located, emptied my pocket but still don't have the exact money for the stamp. And yes, medicine is free in the (government) clinics and hospitals, and instead of paying for the medicine, you need a stamp for any medicine written on the description.

Looking for the exact amount, I went to the grocery nearby and bought a chewing gum and a bottle of juice so that my money have change. Rushing back to clinic and straight to the vending machine.

I got the stamp and the pharmacist gave me 2 boxes of what's written on the description - a Solcoseryl Eye-Gel, for treatment of diseases of the cornea and conjuva and a tube of an artificial tears.

After receiving the said medicine, I return immediately to the ENT department where I need to bring back the description for the attending physician's signature. But unfortunately, it was already passed 12 noon and the Otolaryngology department is closed.

So, I'll come back tomorrow and then go to the other hospital for another check-up.

Third Day of Bell's Palsy:

Sunday morning.